Small spacing

Product Specifications

P2, P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5, P1.25 (dot pitch)

Ultra-clear video advertisement playback is its feature, and it is mostly used in studios, command and control centers, conference rooms, exhibition halls, home theaters, or other application scenarios such as the pursuit of perfect customer groups!

Easily play 4K, 8K ultra-clear video ads or 3D video ads, let's take a look at its factory test results!

Front maintenance, lightweight panel design

Die-cast aluminum or pure aluminum body, lighter weight, better heat dissipation, and even simple LED module replacement, ordinary people can complete the job, even without training

Intelligent fingerprint lock
Fingerprint lock is an intelligent lock, which is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. As the most important evidence of identification, fingerprint is widely used in criminal investigation and judicial field.