P4 indoorfull color video led dot matrix display

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led dot matrix outdoor displayP4 xxx china video led  Characteristics

  1. Lower working voltage and current

  2. Lighting answering Time <0.1μs, better high frequency, chromaticity uniformity, high brightness.

  3. Smaller volume, lighter weight, better impact resistance, solid sealing, good steady. 

  4. Long life for 50,000 hours. 

  5. Keep scaning and drivering every segment continuously.

  6. Better showeffect and wider visual angle. 

  7. Recommend constant current driver.

  8. Protective coating, and rip off when using. 

  9. Solder temperature: 260℃,and stay time less than 5 seconds. 

  10. For operation above 25℃,The Ifm Ifp & Pd must be derated,the Current derating is-0.36Ma/℃ for DC drive and -0.86mA/℃ for pulse drive,the power dissipation is -0.75mW/℃.The product working current must not more than the 60% of the Ifm or Ifp according to the working temperature.

  11. Electrostatic prevention for Blue, Pure Green and White ones.


p4 led display    indoor led display
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