Foxgolden subway LED screens(remote)

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Foxgolden new wifi LED display control card:

1. We offer every client free server and available 500MB space.


2. We offer every client BS-type WEB controller management platform, which is based on browser and needs no installation.


3. Anytime and anywhere you could easily visit the platform to control and manage the controller card via mobile phone, tablet or computer, supporting Windows, Android and Apple operating system and without installation of any software. 


4. Easy to operate. Without any extra setting, you could use it after plugging  it.


5. It will help you truly realize mass transmission .Multi-terminal devices successfully send data only once. Besides, the speed of mass transmission and that of single transmission is the same.


6. Hardware has special integrated design. stable, reliable ,and cost-effective.


7. There exists stable 3G download speed .The download speed of signal intensity graded over 10 is more than  100KB,while graded over 20 is more than 200KB.


8. Easy to operate the software. Operating the remote 3G terminal is as easy as the local terminal 


9. Good compatibility. Platform is compatible with various kinds of Internet access, including cable, WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc. As long as you could surf the Interne , the customer experience is consistent. That is to say, it’s unnecessary for customers to care about communicating method of controller card.


10.  Easy to operate and edit any type of online programs, including graphics, video, animation, clock, sensors.

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