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where is value of outdoor advertising LED display?

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   Now the outdoor advertising LED display has occupied the absolute position, especially in some more developed city, a huge screen is easy impress to the audience. We all know that the LED display is very expensive, why would the outdoor advertising popular? The main reason is that LED display can bring more value to the customer.

1 The core values, to make the unique value of space
    Outdoor LED display is located in the core of the city district, roads, and other traffic intensive functional places. With the popularity of the city process and family cars, these places have become the mainstream in city business and leisure catering, shopping, work out an important place, also became a media form with the value and quality of marketing.
2 The arrival rate is high, the effective coverage of the audience
    The outdoor LED display screen is big, with eye-catching, strong visual impact and good line of sight and the ultra clear screen, coupled with the unique advantages of space, making the LED display media attracts eyeball urban population.
3 The audience recognition, has advertising effect
   The study found, outdoor LED display can effectively enhance the cognition and attitude of audience to the brand, people think that the outdoor advertising brand which LED display plays is the powerful brands as well as the industry's leading brands.
   The LED display screen has obvious advantages used for outdoor advertising, not only shows the good effect, but aslo energy conservation and environmental protection.
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