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what should customer pay attention to when you purchase small pitch LED display?

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    Now small pitch LED display has become popular products, but in the actual purchase, what should customer pay attention to?


Low brightness and high gray

   In order to ensure the comfort of viewing, when you choose small pitch LED display, you need concern the brightness of small pitch LED display. In the traditional LED display technology, To reduce the brightness of the screen will cause the loss of gray, and will directly affect the picture quality, so small pitch LED displya must have low brightness and high gray.

P4 small pitch LED display

The resolution should match input signal

   For the LED display screen, the smaller point spacing, the higher resolution, the higher resolution of the screen, the higher sharpness of the picture, but in actual operation, if you want to create the best small pitch LED display system, at the same time you pay attention to its resolution on screen, also consider input signal.


   At present, small spacing LED display is still in the development stage, in the actual purchase, a high price small pitch LED display system is the joint effect of many factors, the above two is key which you must focus on in the purchase.

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