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what is the difference between dot matrix LED display and LED display?

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   Many customers do not distinguish between the LED dot matrix display and LED display, then what is the difference between them?


   LED dot matrix display is a LED display, a LED display screen is divided into branches:

Line type LED display, outdoor and generally half open air screen; a SMD LED display, for general indoor display; second is the dot matrix display, similar to the way a surface mount package three, a lamp are encapsulated with 1, two, three chips, also should be monochromatic, respectively double color and full color. Dot matrix screen is a small module 8 * 8 pixel components, so called module.


   LED dot matrix display brightness is relatively low. It limits the specific module driver LED dot matrix screen, will directly affect its brightness, and each LED LED screen is separated from the control, in the design of driving method and circuit can have multiple choice, brightness is relative to design a lot of HISTEP.

   LED dot matrix display common usage as the information screen, used to display text and simple images.


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