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What factors will affect the life of LED display screen?

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    LED display has high brightness, flexible installation, low energy consumption and other advantages, which makes it to have appcation widely in display local area requires a flexible, the horizon far. But the external environment has great influence on the life of the LED display screen.


1 Temperature will affect the life of LED display

   If the actual working temperature exceeds the specified range of LED display, it not only will shorten the life of LED display, but also seriously damaged LED display. Foxgolden LED display the working temperature is betwen -20 ℃ to 50 ℃.


2 The dust will affect the life of LED display

   Dust will affect the electronic components of the heat, which will cause the component temperature rise and thermal stability decreased, even resulting in leakage, leading to severe burn. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean up, in order to reduce the probability of failure. In the dust cleaning screen inside, remember to disconnect the power supply, be careful.


3, Wet will affect the life of LED display

   Wet gas will enter through the joint surface of packaging materials and components to the internal IC device, circuit breaker caused by internal oxidation and corrosion, so that the reliability of the product problems.


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