Traditional Chinese New Year customs
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Traditional Chinese New Year customs【Part】(foxgolden Publisher)

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(一)The CCTV New Year‘s Gala(看春节联欢晚会)

We often see the studio used LED display products, CCTV Spring Festival is no exception.

The New Year’s Gala is a variety show held by China Central Television (CCTV) since

1983. For every year since then at the turn of the Lunar New Year, the program begins at

8:00PM and lasts five or six hours. It brings laughter to billions of people, creates many

popular words and produces lots of TV phenomena meriting attention. For over twenty years,

its value has gone far beyond a variety show. It is essential entertainment for the Chinese both

at home and abroad. Many Chinese would like to watch the gala while having the dinner on

New Year’s Eve.

(二)New Year‘s Visit and Gift Money(拜年和压岁钱


On the first day of the Chinese lunar year, everybody puts on their best clothes and pays

ceremonial calls on their relatives and friends, wishing them all the luck in the coming year.

Juniors will greet seniors, wishing them health and longevity, while seniors will give juniors

some gift money as a wish for their safety in the coming year. When friends meet, they will

wish each other happiness and prosperity with a big smile. With the development of the new

technology, there is a change on the way of giving New Years greetings. In recent year, it

is common to send New Years greetings by such modern means of communication as

telephones, emails and text messages.



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