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This is not "false", "false" LED display industry exactly is "false"?

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Recently, with the advent of the international day of consumer rights and interests

protection, the news media exposure to counterfeit and shoddy products, from all

walks of life to the exposure of the number of products and a stare eyes.Perhaps

we didn't think of, have been in hungry, eat the rice, worked in north denture

dentures, the rain bought a used car..., should be the quality of 3 without the

product, now think of the in the mind set is sweaty.The author as the LED, avail

ourselves of this opportunity, we also want to pick a steak LED display industry



But, as we have seen, LED display is not the ordinary consumer goods, it is

electronic products, is also a project, so, relative to the LED lighting products anti-

counterfeiting wave upon wave of wind waves, our LED display industry always

seem so calm.So, our LED display industry don't exist on earth "fake"?"False"?The

following are some of my views as visiting companies.


LED enterprises large coffee talk about "impact"


Hangzhou makar Jiang Zhongyong photoelectric co., LTD., general manager: the

LED industry is different with other industry, it is hard to say there is no

false.Because the industry is not very mature, the product lack of standards and

specifications.What is false?Is a quality not up to standard, that is, we believe that

the quality of the products is not good enough, so, in no country or industry

standard to request, said the false and true, it is difficult to define.There is a

trademark of another, counterfeit the products of others, this kind of situation is

less, after all, the industry circle is very small, everyone is familiar with, fake

someone else should be relatively rare.


Shenzhen Yi Bing photoelectric technology co., LTD. General manager li zhi: LED

display industry is an emerging industry, a lot of specification does not set up

well, a lot of measurement standard and definition also does not have unified, also

does not have the relevant national laws and regulations, do more chaos.The same

brightness values, for example, each enterprise all aspects of the standard is

different, so can't say it's true or false, can only say that different positioning

standards, testing in different ways, there are differences.Therefore, the key is to

see the positioning of an enterprise, conscience, and extent to the attention of the



Shenzhen royal display technology co., LTD. General manager Xie Fusong: the so-

called "false", I think not, our industry is mainly to cut corners, material is not a

standard product.Such as a PCB has three standard, 1.6, 1.2 and 1.0, each

manufacturer quality requirement of it is different, use of material is different, but

that doesn't exist the difference between true or false.


Zhejiang Internet to photoelectric technology co., LTD., wang, director of sales as

the industry overcapacity, the LED display products supply exceeds demand, some

corners for profit companies will creep in, rely on lower prices to grab market

share, in fact, their quality is not pass, so doesn't matter, "false" and "no false"

key or quality problems.


True and false of industry is difficult to define, quality problem is the culprit

Obviously, the LED display industry exactly does not exist "false", it is difficult to

define.Generally speaking, there are two types of "false", one kind is counterfeit

products, products in the manufacturing, realistically imitate others product

appearance, or without authorization, to copy the has been protected by

intellectual property products and sales, so as to pretend to be someone else's

products.This kind of situation such as Jiang Yongzhong puts it, does not see

more, after all, the network is so big, you see "see".Another kind is false and

inferior product, this kind of product quality, performance index can not reach the

requirements stipulated in the national standards, industry standards, and even

bring potential safety hazard to consumers.Popular speaking, is "shoddy", pretend

to be, as well-known brand with inferior material.


As we all know, the LED display industry admittance threshold is low, many only

want to "cash in" small, small workshops enterprises after entering the industry

and not to technology research and development as the guide, but in the face of

fierce market competition and the rising cost of raw materials, at the price of

sacrificing the quality of the product, blindly rely on competing on price.The blind

to enter and low-end competition, LED to the LED display market disorder, and

difficult to manage.


At the same time, the LED display industry from birth to just go now only for

decades, and still more "new" in general, countries in the industry standard for

LED display products without a clear definition of regulations and norms, may also

be a LED products of every enterprise's production standards, which LED to the

LED display products quality and market chaos.


Therefore, there is no doubt that the LED display industry is the latter.Such as

industry, for example, a manufacturer of display, claimed that all the products are

with Cree chip encapsulation, actually it is just part of the adoption;Again, for

example, a company advertise their products are used in ba's lamp bead, and, in

fact just chose a little "leftover material".


In recent years, the negative reports about LED display quality problem we see an

endless it is not surprising.LED display product sampling, quality inspection, for

example, unqualified export refund, LED stage display collapsed, LED advertising

screen fire frequently etc.In addition, as we have learned, because some blind

pursuit of large area, high brightness LED display products, cause serious light

pollution directly interfere with the motor vehicle driver's line of sight, the formation

of accident hidden danger, also affected the residents normal life and rest in the

night.On October 29, 2015 at about 5, in guangxi sports center, is for jolin

concert of fixtures are suddenly collapse is one of the LED display, together with

the stage caused by quality problems to the tragedy.

Countermeasures?Sets up the brand, improve quality


We do not doubt that churn out, cheap inferior, is the common fault of the

current China manufacturing, however, as a new industry, LED display industry

should not be reduced to by this one "tao".Therefore, for this problem, the

shenzhen case tron wang jun, general manager of width, and the Internet in

zhejiang lai sales director wang believes that in the price war "bullying" at present,

enterprises should not desperately seek the price of the product, and should come

up with more money to research and development, makes every effort to provide

higher on the product quality and performance of guarantee.

Changzhi tech center general manager xiao-jun shen argues that for the price,

product quality is uneven phenomenon, manufacturers need to make a set in the

product brand and identity, in making a clear identity, to reassure consumers buy

more at ease use.


Compared with several enterprises in front of the person's speech, MingChang

photoelectric chairman li fan is light.He has a natural evolution, market effect, to

prevent the "fake" of the industry, and market need time to talk.Because, finally

can stay on the market may be a handful of enterprise, the enterprise may be

some of the industry's giants.This time, the brand, quality can form, finally to

healthy and orderly market.


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