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The theme park brings new opportunities for the LED display screen industry

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   With upgrading of China's tourism and entertainment industry, the theme park is set off construction of a new round, also bring new opportunities for the LED display screen industry.

 Outdoor LED display

   To create a high-quality user experience, theme park project must have more features in project design, product presentation, with audience interaction. And LED display system which is a carrier of information display and human-computer interaction have to bear the important mission of shaping the unique theme park attraction.


   As traditional strengths products of outdoor display areas, LED display with high brightness, low power consumption, without splicing, long service life, can realize the arbitrary shape and other advantage, become darling of the theme park. In recent years, in the  drive of small pitch LED display, LED display can not only render a more crisp and more clear image and achieve a richer interaction function in outdoor areas. More in indoor exhibition hall, command and control has become the first choice for indoor theme pavilion in the large screen display device. Also bring a huge market for the LED display industry.

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