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The potential of HD small pitch LED display is very huge

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   All along, an important reason why LED display cannot be represented compete with the liquid crystal commercial big screen display is that LED display has disparity in display effect. With the introduction of high density small pitch LED display, LED display has power compete with the traditional big screen.

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   Admittedly, compared with the traditional indoor big screen splicing, small pitch LED display has some advantages, for example, compared with the LCD screen, it has the advantage of seamless splicing, compared with DLP splicing; application form of small pitch LED display is more flexible, according to the application requirements, it can  naked eye 3D, equipped with touch the trend of 4K technology. Although the small pitch LED display has still some bottlenecks in technology, but as a new technology, its potential can not be ignored. With the development of technology and reduce the cost in the future, HD small pitch LED screen will become the mainstream of the market.

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