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The development of LED display lights the human new life

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   The development of LED display lights the human new life. At the same time, LED displays have brought many advantages for industrial development.


1, Energy saving

   LED single power 0.03 ~ 0.06 Watt, adpot DC drive, single tube driving voltage 1.5 to 3.5 volts, current of 15 ~ 18 Ma, fast reaction speed. The same lighting effect, the power consumption is 1/8 of incandescent bulbs, 1/2 of fluorescent tubes.


2, Long service life

   The electron optical radiation emitting, disadvantages of filament burnability, thermal deposition, optical attenuation. The LED lamp has the advantages of small volume, light weight, epoxy resin packaging, can withstand high strength mechanical shock and vibration, not easy to be broken. The average life of 100000 hours.



3, Environmental protection

   LED light for all solid body, shock resistance, impact resistance is not easy broken, recyclable waste, no pollution.

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