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The United States patent and trademark office granted patents apple AMOLED display

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According to the editor FOXGOLDEN company to know,the United States patent and trademark

office (USPTO) awarded the apple patents including59 AMOLED display.


Granted patents apple AMOLED display including electronic display, iPhone,tablet,MacBooks and

iMac, a series of consumer electronics company.The patent that devices can get more accurate

gray-scale control and improve the AMOLED electronic display aperture ratio.


Market rumors, between 2017 and 2018, the apple headquarters in cupertino will be converted

to new generation of display technique, it depends on the market supply of OLED.

The first quarter of 2013 apple applied for patent awarded by 9293512, the United States

patent and trademark office yesterday to be published.



Introduction of AMOLED

AMOLED also known as the "magic beautiful screen" full name is the Active Matrix/Organic.


Light Emitting Diode, Chinese full name is the Chinese full name is the Active Matrix Organic

Light Emitting diodes or Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting diodes.

AMOLED is referred to as the next generation display technology, including samsung

electronics, samsung, LG philips are pay attention to the new display technology.

From the point of technology development, alpha Si (amorphous silicon),LTPS (low temperature

polycrystalline silicon), Oxide (Oxid semiconductor) TFT - LCD, AMOLED and flexible display

technology are the foundation of the flat display technology such as semiconductors,

collectively known as the semiconductor display technology in the industry.

AMOLED compared with most of the mobile phone use traditional liquid crystal display, with a

wider Angle of view, higher refresh rate and the size of the thinner, so is being used



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