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The NAB SHOW exhibition from the United States to see China's LED industry development

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Takeaway: with the progress of science and technology and increasingly fierce competition environment, enterprise want to survive in such an environment and occupy certain advantages, improve their competitiveness is essential, and improve their competitiveness is the key to accelerate the process of its innovation.Innovation is born, conservative is dead.
Focus in Las Vegas on April 18 to 21, an influential American radio and television SHOW NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) SHOW that foxgolden also appeared, it exhibits the main small spacing, plus the super SHOW effect, attract the attention of many people.Foxgolden is innovation to the world, overseas strength increasing.In this exhibition, in addition to the foxgolden, Ming and state science and technology, leah DE, guangzhou silicon core, Abby's, factory, alto, pine, and show, choi esselte, LEDER (li), rain these LED display enterprise spirit star appeared at the conference.It is not hard to see, China LED the small spacing leds are gradually relying on quality, innovation, improve the technology content and so on gradually maturing, towards the world, and get more and more international brand recognition, in the overseas high-end market, small spacing will occupy more and more broad market, it will be our pride in the field of small spacing LED.



To better make small spacing LED to the world, develop a more high-end international market, China's LED enterprises should constantly innovative concept, taking the path of innovation and development, increase investment in research and development innovation fund, the technology to the high ground, solve some technical problems faced by small spacing.Facing the small spacing widespread cooling and protective ability, with electronic technology co., LTD. Has developed a new product "integrated packaging", it can effectively solve the past small spacing has been difficult to break through the problem such as dust, moisture, anti-static.As into PWM products now do again, can fundamentally solve the small distance between the LED facing the low light, high ash, leakage and other problems.These technological breakthroughs in innovation, no doubt, is LED in the history of a small spacing, prompted China's small spacing LED into a new step.Each enterprise should be based on the continuous research and development innovation, in order to better solve the technical problems facing small spacing LED, make its development constantly improve, make little space become more mature.
Constant innovation breakthrough not only in technology, small spacing LED will also need to strictly control on quality, deepen brand awareness, pay attention to the international market dynamics, leading development by innovation, new products constantly, will our country's small spacing make Chinese LED display with better attitude towards the world, further into the international market, let a little space LED to the development of our country to achieve a qualitative leap.


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