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Small pitch LED display also has disadvantages

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    Small pitch LED display has more high image quality andmore abundant color in the same size compared with the traditional LED display screen. Of course, small pitch LED display has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages.



    Small pitch LED display means need to install higher quality lamp in order to ensure the picture quality in unit area, also in the unit area more lamps also requires better equipped light-emitting chips and drivers. So rising of raw material and promoting of the technology cost make the market price of small picth LED display is more expensive than the traditional LED display.


Space factor

    Small pitch LED display doesn't require big space, but want to achieve better 1080p or 2K level display effect and need a big space.



    Compared with the traditional LED display, small pitch LED display is more to consumption of lamp and chip. The heat problem is also a big problem. And for the maintenance of small pitch LED display is not easily finish for ordinary customers.


    With the continuous improvement of new products, small pitch LED display will become mainstream.

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