Temple Fair、Pasting Paper-cuts and "Up-sided Fu”
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Traditional Chinese New Year customs【Part II】(foxgolden Publisher)

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(三)Pasting Paper-cuts and "Up-sided Fu”贴窗花和“福”字

Paper-cuts, usually with auspicious patterns, give a happy and prosperous atmosphere of

the Festival and express the good wishes of Chinese people looking forward to a good life. In

addition to pasting paper-cuts on windows, it is common for Chinese to paste the character

"fu(福)”, big and small, on walls, doors and doorposts around the houses. "Fu

(福)” shows people’s yearning toward a good life. Some people even invert the character

"fu(福)” to signify that blessing has arrived because "inverted” is a homonym for "arrive” in

Chinese. Now many kinds of paper-cuts and "fu(福)” can be seen in the market before the


(四)Temple Fair(逛庙会)

Temple fair,usually held outside temples,is a kind of folk custom in China. During the

Spring Festival,temple fair is one of the most important activities,in which there are such

performances as acrobatics and Wushu,numerous kinds of local snacks and many kinds of

things for everyday life. In recent years,the temple fair has become a place for people to

appreciate the traditional art and experience the traditional life.



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