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Outdoor advertising media, outdoor advertising LED screen

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   In recent years, the outdoor advertising media industry is developing rapidly, the outdoor advertising LED display and has become the most popular outdoor advertising media with good publicity and other advantages.


   LED display itself has characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, can support play information 24 hours. And with the excellent performance of waterproof, lightning protection, anti-seismic and other advantages, able to adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. By virtue of its high brightness performance, the display effect is not easily affected by the environment, so as to ensure the effect of outdoor media.


   Not only that, compared with the television and other forms of advertising, outdoor LED screen can also play city film public service content, so it is not easy to accept by the audience antipathy. At the same time, it can also beautify the city image, enrich people's amateur life, become the brand image, city image display window.

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