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Outdoor P10 SMD LED display

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   With the application of outdoor LED display, the effect of outdoor LED display is shocking, and spread range is widely. In order to enhance the real sense of the outdoor LED display screen, FOXGOLDEN launched P10 outdoor SMD LED display screen.


   At present, outdoor advertising LED display almost is DIP LED display on market, outdoor DIP LED display's color restoration ability is poor, but outdoor SMD LED display's color reduction ability is strong, can reproduce video color, enhance the clarity of the picture.


   Outdoor SMD LED display eliminate the strangeness of the audience to LED display, the information dissemination effect effect of LED display can be greatly improved, can better show the creative advertising, the audience's acceptance will be better for advertising.


   Although outdoor SMD LED display has the obvious advantage, but it needs higher technical requirements to light quality, display package, waterproof, dustproof performance. But FOXGOLDEN launches the latest outdoor P10 SMD LED display.

P10 DIE-casting aluninun LED screen

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