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Outdoor LED display new opportunities

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   In the LED display market, small piexl pitch LED display is the industry's flagship product, with the explosive growth of outdoor media market, the explosive growth, the requirment of outdoor LED display is on the rise.


   With the continuous progress of science and technology and continues to advance of information society, outdoor LED display screen is used more and more widely, from the construction to subway, bus and air travel, because of the popularity of outdoor LED display screen, outdoor media starts new upgrade. Next three years, the global advertising industry will continue to maintain a strong momentum of development, to 2016 will reach 602,8 billion USD, the market share of outdoor media is expected 6.8% in 2016, the market scale reached 41 billion USD.


   The outbreak of the outdoor media market, it provide a new marketing mode for traditional LED display enterprises, not only conducive to their own outdoor display market continued to expand, more conducive to the healthy development of the entire outdoor LED display industry.

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