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Outdoor LED display: FOXGOLDEN belt do you read advertisements immersive (II)

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Outdoor LED advertising can live through technology, authentic, timely broadcast

to more audiences.


Including project, column, variety, animation, radio, TV, etc., rich in content,

avoid the advertisement audience consciously take the initiative to avoid touch



Research shows that the outdoor LED display advertising aversion rate is far

lower than the rate of television advertising aversion.


Government departments use LED advertising some government affairs

information and announcements of the city, and can beautify the city image,

city level and taste.


LED display is now widely used in sports venues, conference center,

advertising, transportation, etc., it reflects the economic, cultural and social

life of a city.


LED advertising from the outdoor advertising media company, the main

reason lies in the products of LED display itself advantages.


LED display as the fourth generation of new media, environmental protection

and energy saving, high resolution imaging, exquisite natural color, can show

video and text and broad perspective and other modern high-tech, fully meet

the technical requirements of modern advertising media as well as the urban

population of ornamental requirements, is the perfect combination of high-tech

and traditional media.


In addition, the LED display technology constantly breakthroughs for outdoor

advertisement causes all sorts of new changes.


Such as outdoor LED display high pixels from the product to display the

performance, the intelligent control of the display brightness effectively removed

the screen is too bright and light pollution caused by the door appearance on

the LED display screen is more thin than straight insert, the picture is more



Outdoor LED display advertising compared with other media advertising has

more distinctive features and advantages.


The increasingly advanced technology provides the opportunity for outdoor

advertising into LED era.


In the future, intelligent LED display will lead the audience to intuitive

interaction, when viewed from the far closer to real media and audience.


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