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Opportunity and dekaron of LED display screen

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    In recent years, with the increase of domestic LED display manufacturers number, the of survival pressure of industry is gradually increased, at the same time, due to the overseas broad market attract, it make many well-known LED display manufacturers who have to look to invest overseas, where is development focus of LED display enterprises?


Dekaron of LED display industry

    Due to a late start of China's LED industry and awareness of intellectual property rights is not enough, on the patent application and protection work development is lagging behind, making the LED display enterprises of China in the face of fierce competition in the market, it is difficult to in the international market competition to seize the initiative, often in a passive position.


Opportunity of LED display industry

    Our country urbanization process speeds up, two or three line city LED display market space is huge. City National Science Institute of socialism in the recently published white paper noted that China to 2020, will complete the construction of urbanization coverage rate reached 60%. Is expected to 2020 urban households for LED products consumption output value will reach 500 billion Yuan.

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