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New Product Launch - Clothes Screen

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   New product launches - Clothes Screen

     FOXGOLDEN new product launch, will be held on December 25, 2015. This is the turning point of FOXGOLDEN, even is the turning point of the LED display industry. This is a revolution of LED display, LED display screen industry reshuffle, which is FOXGOLDEN opportunities.

portable LED screen 

     FOXGOLDEN new product clothes screen abandoned the traditional LED display manufacturing model, can be arbitrary combination, split, combination of arbitrary shape. No longer need the cabinet, power supply. LED display screen will become very light and less than 10 kg/square, save 60% of freight. And new products will no longer need the steel structure, a person can complete the installation of the 100 m2 LED display, also no longer need construction and installation team. Cabinet's factories, power supply factories and steel structure factories will slowly disappear.

portable led screen

Portable LED Screen

foldable led screen

Foldable LED Screen

Soft led screen

Soft LED Screen

    On December 25, welcome to FOXGOLDEN participate in new product launch.FOXGLDEN in shenzhen waiting for you, looking forward to your participation.


    Reservation in advance, top 10 m2 displays as for present to you. Buy more, get more.

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