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New York Times Square LED display

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   New York Times Square has the world's most attract our attention LED display, many domestic enterprises will look into Times Square, there has advertising effectiveness that other places can not compare, of course, it is also the world's most expensive place.


   Why does the outdoor advertising media company like LED advertising? The main reason is that the LED display has itself advantages. LED display as the fourth generation's new media, advertising LED display has environmental protection and energy saving, high resolution imaging, delicate, natural colors can display video and text and wide viewing angle and other modern high-tech, fully meet the technical requirements of modern advertising media, it is the perfect combination of high-tech and traditional media.


   Compared with other outdoor advertising media, advertising LED display has more characteristics and advantages. More advanced LED technology provides an opportunity for outdoor advertising into the LED display era. The future, intelligent LED display will lead the audience to watch from the far visual interactive, truly close the distance with the audience.

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