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Nationstar specializing in the production of semiconductor light-emitting diode

(LED) and the National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise applications, and

high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province excellent products are widely

used in consumer electronics, home appliances, computers, communications,

and flat panel display lighting engineering, belongs to the electronic

components industry, semiconductor optoelectronic device manufacturing.

Shenzhen FOXGOLDEN Main full-color LED display products, is committed to

providing customers with a full range of LED display products and solutions.

Shenzhen FOXGOLDEN products have been exported to America, Europe,

Australia, Asia, Africa and other 105 countries and regions, successfully

implemented over 3300 classic case, widely used in national urban subway

project National Convention Center, upscale shopping malls, luxury brands

stores, national television, international sporting events venues (such as NBA

game, World Cup, European Cup) and other fields, the company outstanding

LED applications。


24-hour customer service hotline: +0755 84253361 ,If you want to buy

rest Assured that the LED display products or want to get more space

application product solutions in China, please click on the link on the right

side of our websiteor contact online customer service official Email:, call theShenzhen LED display factory +86 15118019850

your professional advisor for yourdedicated service.



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