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Mermaid record box office myth revelation: LED display "light pollution" could not be ignored

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Recently, the director Stephen Chow movie "The Little Mermaid" Since New Year's

Day release will continue to break box office records, only nine days, the box office

has reached 21 million, and continues to grow. Such a high box office records, in

addition to Mermaid Love pure love escort outside does not make sense with the

theme of environmental protection authentic Zhou also let the audience happy then

be harvested. Some netizens message said: "Yeh funny movie never ends, read"

The Little Mermaid "I got into a reflection on the environment and human beings."


Indeed, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's environmental

awareness, people's lives and environmental problems such as light pollution, water

pollution, urban smog and other increasingly lead to social concern and reflection.

For our LED display industry, the dazzling outdoor LED screen is already included

in the urban pollution "blacklist."

September 2015, a resident surnamed Chen complained on 12345 Website: Building

in Fujian "fly a foreign language" training institutions, on the LED display constantly

scrolling advertisements, very dazzling, it has seriously affected the lives of nearby

residents. But the complaint two months, with little success.


Coincidentally, a few days ago, members of the public to reflect Ms Wu: Some time

ago, opposite Plaza shopping district Gallop installed a huge LED display, day loop.

As too close or too bright, the display has seriously affected the normal life of

many residents. For example, my home, in the evening sitting in the living room

is on the screen, in the food, almost without lights! Faced with such a serious

"light pollution", I and the neighbors complained, reflect for a few months, but

the problem remains unresolved.


As we all know, LED industry is a "made light" of the industry, bright and

energyefficient outdoor LED display compared to other forms of outdoor

advertising in terms of, can exhibit a variety of images. The night, a piece of

magnificent, rolling screen gives the city the vibrant flavor of the times, but also

enhance the city's overall quality and modern image. But why, with the increase

in outdoor LED display, LED display will become the target?


According to reports about the professional sector, we live in the sun for

brightness 2000cd, and the brightness outdoor LED display market is as high

as 5000cd. Therefore, under strong light, if the installation position of the

outdoor LED display is too low, when the naked eye for the human cornea

and iris can lead to injury, visual fatigue and vision loss phenomenon, even

when serious people feel dizzy , nausea and vomiting. Worse, many

businesses have not been free to build on the approval of the LED display,

LED display which directly interferes with the normal life of nearby residents.


So, the question is, How can we make outdoor LED display from pollution

"blacklist" mean? I think, first, the government should gradually improve

oversight mechanisms.


Although Shenzhen "Shenzhen outdoor LED display set special plan" provides

a large area of ??open space within the scope of the large municipal park and

the Plaza Mayor, the municipal information can be set to broadcast and public

outdoor LED display content according to the public service needs appropriate;

pure residential area prohibited area set LED display, however, the government's

evident lack of monitoring mechanisms, such as the above, Mr. Chen and Ms.

Hu has repeatedly reflected authorities, but things are still not the perfect solution.


Secondly, an advertiser to control the playing time, try not to open 22:30 to

7:30 the next day; select the appropriate location, to avoid the impact of light

pollution on the environment, such as Shanghai LED display is placed mostly

along the Yangtze River region.


Finally, LED display enterprises can use the system to automatically adjust the

brightness adjustment system and the multi-tone correction technology, so that

people feel when watching soft colors, light people avoid discomfort.


Mermaid Shanshan last in the face of naked fanatical pursuit of money, said:

"When the world even to the last drop of clean water, a clean air are gone,

money, what is the point?." Yes, even the survival of water and air are not,

money is a piece of paper. In contrast to our LED industry, the LED display

when the night was lit up as bright as the day when we can sleep at ease

it? So, how to make outdoor LED display integrated into the urban landscape,

the urban night more vigor and vitality, is the direction of our

future development.


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