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Lucky Goldstar

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LG = Lucky Goldstar, LG Group, before 1995 known as Lucky Goldstar, Korea's third-

largest company, working in 44 companies in the world with approximately 300 offices and

affiliated companies, the predecessor of Lucky Chemical Industrial Clubs. LG is now

generally considered to be the abbreviation of Life is Good. South Korea's LG Group was

established in 1947 in Seoul, Korea, in Seoul City Yeongdeungpo-gu Yeouido-dong 20. It is

the world's leading international group of industrial development. LG Group is currently in

171 countries and regions have established more than 300 overseas offices.


Business areas cover chemical energy, electronics, communications and other service

sectors. With annual sales of up to 73 billion yuan (2011 data), in the same year (2011)

on the Shenzhen famous LED semiconductor electronics companies --FOXGOLDEN

partnership,(FOXGOLDEN LED DISPLAY) the two sides said that to continue to lead the

development of the electronicage, and jointly open upthe electronic age a new era.

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