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Look at China LED the world to see Asia, Asia LED

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After reform and opening up 30 years of precipitation, China is the world's

manufacturing power has been agreed, "Madein China" products can be seen

everywhere, but give the impression that most of them are relatively low-end

and cheap products. When a lot of Chinese people go abroad for vacuum

cup, rice cooker, toilet cover, "manufacturing power how to build don't sell a

person enchanted product?" This kind of "torture" also follow. According to the

ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 China's consumption abroad 1.5

trillion RMB, including at least half for shopping. How to activate this huge

spending power at home? The answer may be the best, who can provide high

quality products, who will be able to win the market.

Time has long LED display industry development in China, at present the market

enterprise is numerous, competition is intense, especially pity is malignant price

competition not only disturb the normal market order, to bring down a batch of

and a batch of enterprises, will be a lot of poor quality, brand degree is not high

product into the market, the LED display before the "fire" is a good example.

In LED display industry popular such a words: the world LED to see Asia, Asia

LED to see China. According to incomplete statistics, in the global market, 90%

of the LED display from made in China, at the same time, the real LED display

with Chinese independent brand in the international market sales of less than 50%,

a number of Chinese LED display companies as the world's LED display of the

contract. China has a LED display real to step into the world.

The "sister meal" is the competition of Chinese brand and world brand, only to a

certain extent, actually not as inferior as foreign products, the products made in

China even beyond. But from the people favor on the level of foreign products is

not difficult to draw, Chinese enterprises should be strengthened in terms of brand

promotion, quality promotion, to producing more high technology content, high

quality products, let more domestic high-quality products can be consumer

recognition. This is the development direction of made in China, also should be

the development direction of Chinese LED display companies.

Product competition, quality competition, in order to let industry go further more

steady. LED display domestic enterprises through the explosive growth has tend

to be saturated, but the market price is never cease. Every industry is the fittest,

elimination of the weak. In order to survive, the price war never die, but it turns

out that both the fierce price war may be, or is taking, this should not be the

end of an enterprise, more should not become the norm.

LED display enterprises in China should be more focus on the quality of product,

the brand awareness of competition, research, development, production and create

more people like "sister dinner party" thumb up products, let the LED display are

no longer the display the contract of the enterprise, and become the "made in

China" real master.



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