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Why is there a small pitch LED screen by many people of all ages

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Why LED large screen companies interested in the development of a small pitch LED large-screen products it? The answer is threefold:
First, the traditional outdoor product technology gradually climb, indoor small pitch products into the next major expansion of space technology, which instigated the interest of the small spacing upstream manufacturers products;
Second, the traditional outdoor LED large screen market fierce price war, market profits decline, terminal enterprises urgently need to find a new growth point, to improve the level;
Third, the indoor display, especially engineering market has entered a variety of techniques stalemate stage, highlights the market opportunity, product development and adaptation projects into the interior market, we can achieve the traditional LED large screen business "reconstruction of business structure." Thus, the emergence of a small pitch LED large screen, both technological inevitability, but also corporate initiative to market choices, more benefits and expansion of capital chasing instinct driven. 

Small pitch LED display is referred to a set of systems, including the LED display system, high-definition display control systems and cooling systems. Small pitch LED display with pixel-point control technology, to achieve the brightness of the display pixel units, the reduction of color and uniformity of state control. Small pitch LED display that displays the largest competitive completely seamless and natural true color display.

On display market in 2014, closely spaced high-definition big screen is undoubtedly the mainstream market. The industry's few large-scale type of backbone enterprises in real time to seize this blue ocean market. Has been an important reason for the LED display and liquid crystal can not be represented by the commercial large-screen product to compete is on display in the gap. With the high density fine pitch LED product launches, the short board to a large extent been filled. It is also because of this, LED display began with the traditional large-screen products destabilize confidence.

At birth, it was a small pitch LED display LED business as the traditional LED display for outdoor applications to break the limitations of magic, but look forward to never set foot in the market prospects of indoor commercial display market slice. Admittedly, compared to traditional large-screen indoor, small pitch LED display does have some advantages, for example, compared with the LCD splicing screen, it has incomparable advantages seamless; compared with DLP mosaic screen, its application form is more flexible and can be equipped with touch based on application requirements, the naked eye 3D, 4K and other trends of technology. Although small spacing display still some bottlenecks in technology, but as an innovative technology, its potential can not be ignored.

However, market growth is always both sides, LED application industry, rapid technological advances, while the replacement rate products, faster and faster, especially in chip and LED lamp beads upstream raw material prices continue to decline, coupled with increased competition in the industry , product prices and gross margins at risk of falling. Opportunities and challenges, who was first across the threshold of a small pitch LED technology and has a large-scale application needs to support display technology; who more accurately grasp the needs of differentiated application market segments, and the introduction of more mature, more in line with the times demand for fine pitch LED display products and solutions, who can have the last laugh in a small spacing trend.

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