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LED outdoor screen or will become the media in the future Let's wait and see

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Now, with the mobile Internet rapid growth, all kinds of interactive experience technical change continuously, also for outdoor LED media platform provides the possible operations.Such as the LED outdoor media and natural connection of mobile terminal (mobile phone) can make outdoor LED offline traffic gold mine to the online platform for diversion, formed a new flow entrance, this gives outdoor LED media more role in the overall marketing ecological system.


As outdoor advertising digital transformation important stage products, outdoor LED media through the electronic fence technology combined with LBS big data connection with mobile phone APP, through push advertisement effectively in the form of precise touch scenario, based on the geographic location information of big data platform and combined with the precision of digital media delivery to again touch of terminal audience.

Such as developing an APP to outdoor LED advertising screen resources together, the local people can download APP, through the mobile phone can put the need to publish content filtering directly sent to the platform, and pay phone connection purse, paid success after you send me a password, can automatically monitor and then the content of the broadcast comes back.So that we can integrate the whole industry, not only big brand customers even small brand customers, even through passing pedestrians can be clockwork ads, even if the message "happy birthday to so-and-so classmate" also can appear on screen, so this kind of LED screen can become an interesting local people in the outdoor media, is no longer a luxury, and for local businesses, can be accurate to the contents of advertisements to spread to the target audience.

Predictably, in the near future, the street LED screen will be localized from the media, this is a trend of the Internet era, and it will also form new distinctive social cohesion street visual node.A large number of pedestrians, residents, shops, restaurants, improvisation or planning to create anytime and anywhere with the Chinese dream as the theme of multivariate advertising content, will certainly to the differentiation and diversity of form and content, for big mainstream lifestyle branding and business undoubted social values.GIF dynamic figure, barrage, and even small augmented reality and virtual reality will be in the streets of the big screen is deduced, further sublimation and discover talents.Real-name templated content distribution, but for commercial freedom of expression in order for domestic management mode.


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