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LED high-definition display

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LED high-definition display Application Profile

As LED technology continues to mature, the cost of the LED Diving LED display cost dropped significantly. LED display costs dropped significantly, no doubt promote the popularity of LED display applications. Full Color LED application areas of greatest ----- advertising media industry as the present, but also opened the the fully upgraded era of traditional print ads.

Second, LED high-definition display applications:

1, single or multiple business center, large flow of people, the construction of outdoor full color LED large screen, composed coverage throughout the city and even the country's large outdoor screen network. Such as: Tulip Champs.

2, large screen, a strong visual impact, ultra-clear drawing huge shocking. All to Zhang Xian powerful advertising charm! Conducive to the brand image and dissemination. Many big screen is a local landmark, which in itself is a good ad.

3, busy streets, residential and construction of small and medium-sized high-definition LED full color display screen, to form a media distribution network.

4, small screen, the propagation of the infiltration, the network covered a wide range of direct consumer end, low investment and quick, good publicity.

Product features and advantages of, LED high-definition display

We not only provide the mounting bracket, also offers a full range of LED display system, which includes: control system, power supply (socket), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.
(b) Case standardization in the design, the same box dimensions can be applied in different pixel, LED advertising screen installation more convenient.
c.LED box thinner, lighter, saving the cost of transportation.
d. a unique waterproof box design, in line with the IP65 protection standard, can be directly installed outdoors.
e Wang Jinli Guang electric LED display can be used in different climate zones in the world, operating temperature range -30 ° C to -60 ° C, the cabinet has good moisture resistance to corrosion, even in high humidity by the sea and high salinity of the air environment.
f Outdoor LED display brightness higher than 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In product design, we have been adhering to the design concept of energy saving and environmental protection.
g intelligence environment controller, can according to environmental brightness to adjust the screen brightness.
h Wang Jinli Guang electric LED display solution provides remote centralized control management, a monitoring center is able to control several LED advertising screen.
the video i.LED control system with dual backup system, the event of failure, the customer can immediately switch to the standby system. .
j company to provide customers with the maintenance of spare parts, spare parts are modular design, ease of after-sales maintenance.

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