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LED displays for stadiums Application

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   LED displays for stadiums Application

   Nowadays, LED display applications venue more widely, one reason is the far-reaching influence of modern media, so advertising was particularly important; the other is LED display technology matures, many morphological and functional LED display came into being, so much occasions as possible. Today, we talk about stadiums LED display. In major sports events, LED display has become indispensable venues configuration, such as the Olympic Games every four years, the annual NBA games, World Cup, etc. These are large events often gather hundreds of millions watching, game information dissemination and advertising of course, extraordinary publicity effect, therefore, LED display are ery popular in these venues .
    Due to the special circumstances of stadium, LED display on the use and manufacture are  different from other display. Stadium LED display products for all types of stadiums and race track designed to meet the fence, lifting, installation stacked needs. LED sports screen is generally divided into two parts :lattice and timing, computer network control system for data processing, control large-screen display, providing real-time information system for the network and broadcast television systems; special game evaluation system is basic infrastructure for all kinds of sports to get the score data.
Stadium led fence screen
    First, sports venues LED display Category
    1.LED Display: LED fence screen
    In the soccer field surrounded by perimeter fences LED display screen it is mainly used to play commercials, but also on the great shots on the field for playback. LED fence screen is composed of several cabinets connected together, the weight of each box, connections have carried out a sophisticated design, to ensure fast disassembly, usually mounted on the box will be a soft mask, so you can effectively avoid players due to fall and cause injury.
    2.LED display: full-color LED large screen
    More usually use in the NBA race, for the scene in the game play exciting event picture, slow motion replay, the audience does not miss any great shots.
    3. LED display timing and scoring
    Game's scores are generally determined by the outcome, timing scoring LED display is very important ofr the game score computing, it is connected to time scoring game, the display shows the game results and related information of players. From the significance of the game speaking, time scoring LED display is more important, and some may not have a video game screen, but can not do without for timing scoring the LED display. LED display timing and scoring, the key is instantly clear and accurate, and try to make it more vivid and expressive on this basis.
    Second, The Caution of stadiums LED display 
    1.LED display installation position and screen brightness requirements
    Installation position of stadiums LED display need to ensure that fixed seating in the pavilion the audience to watch more than 95 percent effective, viewing distance, wide vision. Also asked the LED display contents can make the game scene athletes, coaches and referees are able to easily see clearly. Different stadiums but also due to the different light and choose different brightness LED display.
     2.The security requirements of LED display 
     There are many people in the Stadiums , it is necessary to ensure the safety of athletes, but also to ensure the safety of spectators. Stadiums LED display should have a detector of smoke, lightning, fire alarm and automatic off-screen function, power distribution cabinets should have overload protection, leakage protection and step on the electrical function.  
     3.LED display content can be controlled in real time
     Stadium LED display requires real-time display scrolling game timer; can display scrolling game results; can flip display game results; text display can be automatic, manual switching. For graphics and video display functions should be between full-color LED display, text and pictures, animation, live images can mutually automatic, manual switching.
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