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LED display plays an important role in the sports event

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   Now no matter what area of large-scale sporting events, it is not missing LED display, LED display plays an important role in the sports event. LED display area without location control, can be designed according to the specific requirements, in addition outdoor LED display has some characteristics, so that it can adpot the outdoor complex environment.


   The stadium LED display advantages:

    1 Outdoor LED screen to meet the requirements of audience maximum distance, and the audience, the athletes, coaches and referees can clearly see the contents of the LED display.

    2 Stadium LED display with smoke protection, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic off LED screen function, to avoid the damage of LED display screen.

    3 The horizontal view angle of stadium LED display screen is greater than 150 degrees, and the vertical viewing angle is greater than 100 degrees.

    4,  the brightness of LED screen can automatically adjust according to the brightness of the outdoor environment.



   The stadium LED display function

    1 Stadium LED display can real-time display rolling timing game.

    2 Stadium LED display can scroll the display performance.

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