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LED display module, patches of root cause analysis and solution

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In the digital signage industry change to accelerate the commercial display industry 2015 year-end summary projects small spacing LED display 2015 year-end summary

As business development of the height of the boom, LED display as a terminal display media, more and more get the attention of advertisers.But the LED display after nearly 20 years of development, there are a lot of technical details of the problem not solved, display plaque phenomenon is one of them.

LED display plaque phenomenon has a long history, almost ignored by all formed a kind of industry, although some parts enterprises continuously improve technology, efforts to resolve, but to little effect.

LED display plaque phenomenon


In the photo above enclosure, the latter two are two of the industry is very famous listed manufacturer phenomenon while improve the module of patch, but is also evident.

So how is the LED display plaque?Through the analysis of materials and shape will come to the conclusion below:

A mask in front of and behind the mask

LED module behind the mask is flat, and due to the light type into consideration, in front of the design of stripe protrusion and of the lamp cap along, namely we design focus to consider the light in front of such type;Precisely because we have this kind of design, and the shrinking of PC material to consider not comprehensive, lead to the surface of the material caused by shrinkage stress distribution of unbalanced (shrink, refers to the material after molding shrinkage rate, different material shrinkage rate is different), mask in front of the striped protuberant shrink more than at the back of the plane shrink, also the front behind the stress ratio of the resulting stress is big also, due to unbalanced stress before and after the mask back of concave;


So phenomenon?Because the material and design defects caused by the unbalanced stress distribution before and after the mask, mask and make the module surface stress distribution is uneven, module mask in the middle part of the stress caused by shrinkage is bigger than the edge, so the mask are generally in the middle of concave back.

Maybe someone will say, module mask is soft, I use the module pan to mask the middle to top up, this kind of phenomenon should disappear?Conclusion is relentless - "no".

Another phenomenon, due to the material shrinkage, caused the mask on the surface of light reflection curvature also had an impact, so increases the screen from the vision of plaque.

Can we may safely draw the conclusion from the above analysis, the display of the causes of plaque is due to the material of mask and design flaws of the cause, so how to solve this problem?

Behind at present, the above two industry manufacturers, invariably adopted on the gradation of mask, is as far as possible with ink to blur the plaque, but this method cannot display can not thoroughly solved the plaques, and due to the strict requirements for ink, also supplier has brought the difficulty of processing production, virtually will lead to increased costs;And in the process of display applications due to the screen surface factors such as the accumulation of dust this plaque feeling will be more and more strong.

So can't completely solve this problem?The answer is can!!!!

Method one: the appropriate increase the thickness of the mask, the mask front bump caused by the shrinkage stress to negligible levels, so that we can solve, but this scheme, one is to accurately calculate the thickness of the module mask, 2 it is can lead to other problems, three is, to the material has a good grasp.

Method 2: the simplest design the same processes behind the mask before, that is, what kind of optical module in the front of the mask design processes, the design what kind of processes in the same position, so shrink mask before and after the balance, before and after making the mask for shrink for a balance of stress, deformation of the mask is solved.


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