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LED display common troubleshooting and solutions

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LED display various fault, this paper introduce you to the analysis of the common problems and solutions:

A, unit fault:

A. the whole plate is not bright

1, check whether the power supply and signal wire connection.

2, check whether the test card is to identify the interface, the red light flashing does not identify test card, check whether the lamp panel is power supply with test card, or light board interface has signal and short circuit identification interface.(intelligent card)

3, testing 74 hc245 presence of virtual short circuit welding, 245 on the corresponding the feet (EN) signal input and output are virtual welding or short circuit to the other line.

Note: check the power supply and can make (EN) signal.




B. in oblique scan, a regularity of interlaced not bright show scenes overlap

1, check A, B, C, D if there is A disconnect between signal input port to 245 or virtual welding, short circuit.
2, testing 245 corresponding outputs A, B, C, D and whether or virtual welding, open circuits between 138.
3, test A, B, C, D between each signal is short circuit or A signal with A short circuit.
Note: the main detecting ABCD line signal.

C. on a line or lines at dawn
1, test between 138 and 4953 lines or virtual welding, open circuits.

D. in the line scan, the two lines or a few lines (generally is a multiple of 2, regular) lit at the same time
1, test A, B, C, D whether short circuit between the signal.
2, test whether 4953 output with other output short circuit.
E. on single point or multi-point (irregular) is not bright
1, find the corresponding control foot measurement module with our short circuit.
2, module or single lamp replacement.

F there is a column or a few columns not full bright light
1, on the module control pin in the column, whether measurement and drive IC (74 hc595 are needed/TB62726,,,,) output terminal connection.

G. have a single point or single highlighting, or the entire line highlighting, and are not controlled
1, check whether the column with the power to short circuit.
2, check whether the bank the positive short circuit and power supply.
3, replace the driver IC.

H. according to chaos, but the output to the next board signal is normal
1, 245 the corresponding STB latch output terminal connected to the driver IC latch end whether or signal is short circuit to the other line.

I. according to chaos, the output is not normal
1, test the clock CLK latch STB signal is short circuit.
2, test of 245 clock CLK input and output.
3, testing the clock signal is short circuit to the other line.

Note: the main testing the clock with the latch signal.

J. shows lack of color
The color of the
1, 245 of the data input and output.
2, test the color data signal is short circuit to the other line.
3, test the color of the driver IC level even data between whether there is open circuit or short circuit, virtual welding.

Note: you can use voltage test is easy to find the problem, detecting data voltage is different from normal whether mouth, determine the fault zone.

K. output has a problem
1, check whether the line of the output interface to the signal output IC connection or short circuit.
2, test the output clock latch signal is normal.
3, test the last driver IC level between the output data is connected to the output interface of data mouth mouth or short circuit.
If there is a mutual
4, output signal of short circuit or short circuit to ground.
5, check the output lines are in good condition.

The whole screen failures:

The whole screen is not bright (black screen)
1, the detection power have electricity.
2, test the communication lines connected, do you have any wrong.(synchronous screen)
3, synchronous screen test sending card and receiving cartoon - green with or without blinking.
4, computer monitor whether protection, or screen display area is pure blue or black.(synchronous screen)

The whole unit board not bright (black screen)
1, the successive frames horizontal direction not bright, check the abnormal and normal cell plate unit board wiring connections between connected;Or the chip 245.
2, successive frames and longitudinal direction is not bright, check this column if the power supply is normal.

Upward unit plate is not bright
1, check the lines and 4953 output pin if there is a pass.
2, 138.
3, check whether the 4953 hot or burned.If there is a high level
4, 138 and 4953 feet if there is a general control.

Cell plate is not bright
1, 595.
2, check whether the module corresponding to the up and down through the foot through.
3, 595 if there is a pass to the module output the feet.

Cell plate color deficiency
1, 245 r. gutierrez is the data output.
2, check the normal output of 595 feet, and if there is a general abnormal input 595 feet.



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