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FOXGOLDEN engineering team in Ulaanbaatar

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 Our FOXGOLDEN engineering team went to Ulaanbaatar, Outer Mongolia to install and adjust the display for half a month.

  In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, there is a long winter. When our country is  southern autumn, they are going through their  winter, whose weather was very cold. Our engineers are all dressed in heavy clothes. They installed the diaplay, tasted till the display show a best video effect.
  With the attitude of Offering customer good service and let customers  believe,our Foxgolden engineering team use their professional engineering knowledge day and night. with less than a week, the display is fully assembled and tested well.
  Customers are very satisfied with our service, they said, service is based on whole service process, Foxgolden do a very good job! 
  Purchasing  displays, just choose Foxgolden!
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