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LED 3G wireless screen

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An LED 3G wireless screen Solution Overview:

With the SMD technology continues to evolve, the LED becomes smaller and smaller, more stable performance, the small pitch a large area of ??high-definition LED display can be achieved. And is widely used in power scheduling, traffic control, aerospace surveillance, security monitoring and other fields. High-definition display Dispatch System is for enlarged image information monitoring, in order to achieve real-time monitoring scheduling purposes.

LED 3G wireless screen Solution:

LED 3G wireless screen applications:

The power LED 3G wireless screen: the dispatch center for large power companies, to feedback power usage in real time.

3G wireless traffic LED screen: for the city's traffic the knowledge monitoring center, reflect real-time traffic conditions of the city.

3G wireless security LED screen: for large-scale construction unit or mineral resources, oil exploration and other industries. Production or construction safety monitoring.

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