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It has become a trend that school install LED display

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    With the rapid development of LED display, its application is also expanding, LED display is more and more appear at school. LED display can real time and cycle display text, graphics and image information, with rich way, highly ornamental, easy to modify the display content, high brightness, stable display and long life and other advantage. LED display is used for disseminate of notices, so which greatly expanded propaganda and influence.


 The role of LED display in school.


    1. Dissemination and display information

     LED display has the characteristics of flexible and changeable, it can display different contents according to the situation, and more importantly, it is able to spread the required contents timely and accurately. It plays a very important role in school information dissemination


    2. Strengthen school propaganda

     Because the LED display has good luminous effect, easy to attract people's eyeball, its picture shows flexible and changeable, rich content, which is conducive to the school to strengthen enrollment, and other aspects, also better show the school culture and strength.


    3. Save the publicity costs

      Because of the propaganda way of hang banners, not only the effect is not good, and the banner can not be recycling used. So the cost of hang banners is higher than LED display. LED display not only can have a better publicity effect, but can save a lot of propaganda costs.


  The development trend whihc LED display apply for school

    LED display is more and more apply for school, its good publicity effect and quick and convenient information transmission, whihc got more and more favor of school. It has become a trend that school set LED display.

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