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ISLE exhibition Watch (FIG): LED display manufacturers accounted for 80%

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February 23, 2016 Guangzhou International Exhibition advertising logo and LED (ISLE)

opened. Yesterday, LEDinside editor visited the exhibition site was found, LED large exhibition

hall are pretty good flow of people, some booth full flow. Overall, the exhibition LED

exhibition exhibitors with LED display manufacturers, accounting to the LED Pavilion exhibitors

8-9, ABSEN, Riyadh, Lehman shares, FOXGOLDEN and other large LED display

manufacturers all participate, the country star power, crystal Taiwan optoelectronics LED

packaging factory have also present, Nova technology, Ming-wai power and a series of

supporting manufacturers are not hard to find, see figure.

Visitor Experience staff to ABSEN Booth

Liard booth, the flow of people is also good

FOXGOLDEN shares booth is crowded

Country star power stand

Crystal Photoelectric booth

Meanwell power supply products


In contrast, the exhibition is not only a small number of LED lighting manufacturers, and

basically hard to find giant figure in the natural flow of people and also difficult compared to

the LED display hall.


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