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ING Group (ING)

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ING Group (ING) is a comprehensive fiscal and financial group in 1991 by the Dutch

National Life Insurance Company and the Dutch Postbank Group merged to form.

The Group has four core management operations in the following Board of

Directors: he headquarters of the Netherlands, the international monetary and

financial business, corporate and capital markets, asset management department.

ING in 2011, a partnership with foxgolden, foxgolden has become the company's

largest international financial group partners.


Group Headquarters: responsible for all the Dutch insurance and banking on the

domestic market.


International monetary and financial business unit: All native Dutch than

international insurance, retail banking and commercial banking operation chosen

by the center management. Its insurance business is divided three regions:

Europe and Latin America, North America, Asia-Australia region. Unified

management by the banking center.


Corporate and capital markets: All international monetary and capital markets

department of the administration by the management. Including international

banking network and the business financial products, trading, sales, investment

banking, corporate banking, risk management and research.


Asset Management: The department in charge of asset management accounts and

corporate investors, providing personal service and international banking group's

insurance business of asset management. Real estate and trust services also

belong to the department management. The department also manages each

company ING investment funds.



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