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How to make the LED display life span of 100,000 hours?

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Yesterday, an Australian customer visiting FOXGOLDEN, visited the company's factories and workshops, dinner, then asked a critical question: LED display Can you 24 hours of continuous light, and later business manager Vivi's remarks so that customers get the answers they wanted. I sorted out now, For your reference. 


LED displays and other electronic products also have a life. Although the theory of LED life of 100,000 hours, according to the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operator can work more than 11 years, but the reality is much worse and theoretical data, according to statistics, now available in the LED display life is generally 6 to 8 years, can be used to more than 10 years of LED large screen has been considered very good, especially the outdoor LED display, life is even more short. If we note that some details of the process used will bring unexpected results of our display. 


Starting from raw material procurement, to standardize and standardized production of the installation process, the service life of the LED display will have a great impact. Lamp beads and IC and other electronic components of the brand, the quality of the switching power supply, which is a direct factor LED large screen life impact. When we make the planning of the project, it should be specified quality and reliable LED lamp beads, good reputation switching power supply, as well as other raw materials specific brand and model. In the production process, we should pay attention to make anti-static measures, such as wearing a wrist strap, wear anti-static clothing, clean room and production lines to select, minimizing the failure rate. In the factory, as much as possible to ensure that the aging time, so that pre-qualified rate of 100%. In the transport of fortune, you should do the product packaging, the outside of the package marked fragile, if by sea, you need to make anti-corrosion measures hydrochloride.


For the outdoor LED display, have the necessary perimeter security devices, lightning protection and surge measures do, try not to use the display in lightning rainstorm. Pay attention to environmental protection, so as not long on the dusty environment, the internal display is strictly prohibited water, good water-resistant measures. Choosing the right cooling equipment, according to the standard to install fans or air conditioning, Screen can do dry and ventilated environment as much as possible.


In addition, the experts also suggested, LED display routine maintenance is also very important to regularly clean the screen above the accumulation of dust, so as not to affect the cooling function. When advertising content, try not a long time in an all-white, all-green screen and so on, so as to avoid the current amplification, heating cables and cause a short circuit fault. In the evening playing the festival, according to the ambient brightness Screen brightness adjustment, it will not only save energy, but also to extend the service life of the LED display

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