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How to maintain LED display

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    Nowaday,LED display is very hot in the domestic market and native market, but many customers do not know how to maintain the display, so FOXGOLDEN teach you how to maintain display.

    First, you should know what cause the display not work.
    Display not work or not work good led eighty percent is caused by several factors:
    1. The quality of the data cable,power cable and connectors,
    2. Signal and low voltage DC wiring harness connector 
    3. The switching power supply , fans, plastic housing components.
    These interfaces, cables, power supply, if you do not choose a good one, will lead to total or partial black led display, video, mosaic, no signals.
    These are very difficult to maintain the problem, so we attach great importance in the production process, reduce the failure rate, give customers the best screen.
    The remaining 80 percent and there were failures because of the following causes:
    1.The solder, capacitors, terminals on the PCB board 
    2.LED lamp, cabinet protection level is insufficient, resulting in leakage or accumulation of dust,
    3. Exposed screws and other metal hardware corrosion,
    4.The control card selection.
    These can cause led display dead or has bright lights or unusual, one or more lamps does not shine, lack of color, etc, if the control card or a software problem will cause the images or video  is not displayed correctly.
    All the display should be optimize structure and aging enough time,optimized structure can improve the efficency of installing screen to create value,aging can improve th quality, ensure reliability.
    Outdoor led display must be in strict accordance with testing standards to design, waterproof and dustproof, wind resistance to high temperatures, or are prone to various failures, and even make the whole led display scrapped.
    In addition, the display operator should have the basic knowledge, with good habits, coupled with professional maintenance staff, can also be to some extent, reduce the failure rate.
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