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How to choose the market LED advertising screen?

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    How to choose the mall LED advertising screen? According to the characteristics and the actual needs of users, to select the appropriate market LED display. In general, market LED display has clear font, and low price etc.


    The market LED display main plays advertising and other promotional information, mainly to display text information, and requirements is low price, so we can choose P10 outdoor and semi outdoor LED display; if the requirement that the effect is good, we can choose indoor P5, P6, P7.62, P8 and P10 full color LED display, outdoor full color P12 LED display screen.


    In addition to price factors and models of the LED screen, also from the following several aspects to further screen:


1.  The brightness


    The indoor average illuminance environment suggested that we choose indoor LED display.


    Outdoor environment should choose outdoor display.


    In the open hall, eaves, outdoor awning or sun roof under stronger illumination environment, suggested that we choose semi outdoor LED display.


2   Information capacity


    To select the LED display must also consider the information capacity. Display information content is infinite, but at the same time in one picture, the content is limited.

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