How to choose LED large screen
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How to choose LED large screen

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We buy a large LED screen , they often do not know how to distinguish a quality screen , and today , we have to explain , you can go to several areas where the quality of large screen LED sign :
1 balance effect

Balance effect is one of the most important indicators display . Primary colors red, green and blue color science fooled ratio of 1:4.6:0.16 shown only when pure white , if the actual proportion of the white balance a little deviation deviation occurs , generally pay attention to whether there is bluish white , yellowish green phenomenon . White balance is good or bad by the display control system to determine the die reduction of color is also affected.

2 reduction of color

Reduction of color refers to the display of color reduction, both the color display and playback source to maintain a high degree of color consistency , so as to ensure that the image realism.

3 brightness and viewing angle

Indoor full color brightness to 800cd/m2 above , outdoor full color display brightness to 1500cd/m2 above , in order to ensure the normal operation of the display , otherwise it will be too low and can not see because of the brightness of the displayed image . The size of the brightness of the LED die by the quality of decisions.

Viewing angle directly determines the size of the screen the number of audience , and therefore the bigger the better . The size of the viewing angle of the die package to decide.

4 flatness

Display surface flatness to within ± 1mm in order to ensure the display image is not distorted, locally raised or recessed display viewing angle will lead to dead ends . The quality of flatness mainly by the production process .

5 Is there a color

Color is adjacent modules obvious color difference between the color of the transition in module units , which causes the color phenomenon is mainly by the control system is poor, gray level is not high, due to the lower frequency scanning .

6 whether the mosaic, the phenomenon of dead

Mosaic is lit on the display appears a small four or normally black boxes , both modules necrosis , mainly used for the display quality, but off the connector .

Dead point is lit on the display of a single point or normally black , mainly by the number of dead spots of the die to determine good or bad .


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