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HD small pixel pitch DIP outdoor display

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With the progress of technology, big pixel pitch of the LED display (such as p25 p20 p16) have been unable to meet the needs of customers, many customers are looking for a smaller pixel pitch products.
 Therefore, Foxgolden launch small pixel pitch --p4 p5 DIP outdoor display screen. 
    P4, p5 DIP outdoor LED display can be applied to all kinds of outdoor places, such as market doorway, village park, the door of the shops and other places.
    Product features: 
    1. P4 and p5 DIP outdoor LED display with high definition, high brightness, waterproof performance, etc 
    2. The small pixel pitch LED display shows images and videos are more exquisite and vivid, visual effect is very perfect. 
    3. Choosing ultra thin aluminum cabinets, will be more easy to install and maintenance .
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