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Gross margin decline stopped LED encapsulation leading situation after wood Tomlinson anticipation

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On April 28, wood Tomlinson released late in the first quarter earnings reports,

company achieve revenue in the first quarter of 819708297.06 yuan, up 9.15%

from a year earlier.

Although Tomlinson of wood in the first quarter of 2016 compared with 9.15%

weak growth in operating income over the same period of last year, but from the

perspective of gross margin, starting in the second quarter of last year, the

declining trend of obvious stayed, and a reverse trend.This also reflects the LED

packaging industry in the second half of 2015 lasted half of depression to a close,

and in combination with the wooden Tomlinson began to take the lead in the

industry has launched in April price measures, expected future gross margin is

expected to rebound, maintained at 20% ~ 20% of normal levels.

In view of the LED industry decline in gross margin, is not a LED the company's

situation.13 listed according to LEDinside recently LED enterprise Q1 data, in a

certain degree of decline in the industry as a whole.This is two main reasons.


First, influenced by international market exchange rate fluctuations, China LED

lighting export growth has slowed in the end of 2014, 2015, influenced by the

boom of the global economy is low, the LED lighting demand weak, despite the

rise in July 5 - demand, but supply exceeds demand and market competition make

the LED industry chain in the first half of the price declines in 30-50%,

international enterprise product prices also fell more than 20%.


Second, in 2015, the price wars and intense competition such as product

homogeneity, LED a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, some of

the bankrupt enterprise are selling stock at a lower price, the impact on the

market, and form a vicious circle.


According to the founder securities, LED packaging industry has experienced the

acceleration of 2010-2012 investment capacity, to 2012-2015 prices continue to

decline, basically completed the thorough reshuffle, industry structure, leading the

company stand out.From the point of packaging production, wood Tomlinson in

2015 to 2015, the star light electricity for 48 billion, hong optoelec for 15 billion,

also it serves to show wood Tomlinson faucet advantage unshakeable foundations.


This, from TrendForce's green can cause LEDinside global LED manufacturers in the

LED packaging

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