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Government Order - P8 SMD Outdoor Full Color LED Display

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 FOXGOLDEN Got the Government Order - P8 SMD Outdoor Full Color LED Display

 We FOXGOLDEN  successfully got the government order of 3500 pieces led screens , 

each screen size is 12.59 square meters  , Cabinet size is :1024*1024mm , total :44,065 square meters .
To better complete this order , we find several material suppliers. 
Due to this big project  , one of the material supplier successfully cooperated with us , 
and gave us very good price to support us ,which bring big cost space for us to cut price  , 20% directly off .
Appreciate it ,finally we got the order . 
Thanks for the cooperation among MATERIAL SUPPLIER ,FOXGOLDEN and GOVERNMENT.
Now we offer P8 SMD LED SCREEN --Price CUT OFF 20 %  for customers .
Our p8 smd LED display cabinet will be custom-made to 1024*1024mm, it will more good to save our cost , and your time.
Chase this Chance, Cooperate with all of You !!! 
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