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FOXGOLDEN warm your heart in winter

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When 2017 is coming , Where are you now ?  What are you doing now ? Who are you missing now ? 

When WINTER SOLSTICE is today , 
We are at  FOXGOLDEN . 
We are working in FOXGOLDEN .  
We are missing all FOXGOLDEN dear customers now .
WINTER SOLSTICE is a special day .
WINTER SOLSTICE is a day with shortest daytime and longest darkness in the north hemisphere. 
Are you afraid of darkness ?  YES or NO .
I definitely answer NO . Because ... 
Here is a magic person who appears and will save your dark world .
FOXGOLDEN LED SCREEN will bring you warmness and brightness .
FOXGOLDEN LED SCREEN will bring you good luck and happiness .
FOXGOLDEN LED SCREEN will bring you endless freedom and imagination .
When you eat sweet dumplings today, you will enjoy all the best wishes from all the kind people around you .
When you are free now, you can use your finger to search .
When you see the words until here, I will say goodbye to you .
Enjoy WINTER SOLSTICE , Enjoy your life . 
FOXGOLDEN here always .
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