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FOXGOLDEN Perfectly Completed Chenjiang Tianyi Plaza Outdoor LED Display

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TianYi Cheng (Huizhou) is the first complex double rail station. Tianyi city is deeply integrated

at Guanhui core Zhongkai high-tech Zone, adjacent to Zhongkai Avenue, sitting deep Guanhui

large transport hub. Guanhui light rail and Shen Hui integrated in Tianyi city intersection, with a

city affecting the city circle of Shenzhen and Huizhou ,which heroically bear city operation

integration of the world. A new urban landmark is raising up at Shenhui central axis.




In December 2015, Chenjiang Tianyi Plaza was perfectly completed, Shenzhen Foxgolden

company helped Tianyi Square to successfully complete 360 square meters outdoor LED

display project .It is reported that the project is the wall structure, from the ground 10 meters

high, the screen size is 25.60m * 14.336m, a total area of 367 square meters. In normal use

under different environment ,it may be using the products which have long enjoyed a good

reputation in the industry of P8 outdoor SMD full color LED display, IP grade : IP65.


Introduction of product :

【Product type 】:Outdoor SMD P8

【Completed date】 :On Dec ,2015

【Pixel pitch 】: 8mm

【Best viewing distance】 :8-400m

【Screen size 】: 367 m²

【Cabinet size】 : 1024*1024 mm

【Pixel density 】: 15625 dots/m²

【Brightness 】: ≥ 7000 cd /m²

【Screen pixel】 : 3200*1792 pixel


As new projects raising up in recent years, outdoor HD display has been integrated into the

new real estate surrounding facilities, the demand is gradually increasing, becoming a beautiful

landscape outside. Engineers use high refresh and energy saving technology according to the

needs of the site point use. After the screen is lighted up, it get customers consistent praise. 



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