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Eight Characteristics of SMD LED display

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 Full color SMD LED display is a revolutional development in LED industry.It features are higher definition and super wider viewing angle than ordinary LED screen.Each pixel comprising of three LED chips:RED GREE and BLUE set within a same relective cavity.Here we can know more about SMD LED display from the follow eight characteristics.

   1.High resolution:
   Up to 62500dots for each sqm of p4,for indoor and 10000dots for each sqm of p10 for outdoor.
   2.Big viewing angle:
   140 degreefor horizontal,we can see what the display show clearly from every angle,without any discomfort.
   Integrated encapsulation higher apability of anti high temperature welding, anti oxidation,anti static.
   4.Vivid Mixture Color Effect: 
   Innovative mechaanical design of reflect cavity and configuration of the three chips.
   5.Color Consistency:
   Plastic shell of the module produced by precise molds.
   6.enhanced Contrast Ratio:
   Pixels size becomes samller and black bottom area expanded contrast advanced.
   7.Mass production:
   Highly integrated and efficient manufacture process LED and monitored by full automatic lines.
   8.Long Service Life:
   Epoxy resin adopt Anti UV protective coating,so as reduce light decay rate for life extension.
   At present, a lot of SMD products used in indoor, such as the company meeting room, shopping mall indoor advertising display, campus culture propaganda screen, etc. Now the technology is developing, we gradually introduced outdoor LED display, such as p10 p8 p6 outdoor SMD display.
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