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Container to Vietnam

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29th ,January , We ship out some goods to Vietnam , a container again

In these days , China is very cold , rainy and snowy , it is wet everyday ,

In some middle districts of China , Temperature is -10℃ ,

In north China , -30℃ ,

How about Shenzhen ?

In Shenzhen , it is 0℃, a coldest day i think , compare with other city , it seems

good , but really surprised us . A city who never snow ! But snow .


Today it is very difficult to load up the goods , god keep raining . No stop a while .

But thanks to our engineer Mr.Chen , he did the whole work . So i ship out the goods

smoothly . If i have chance , i must stand treat to him .


I don’t like cold weather , the temperature is not good for work ,and some illness

occured in Winter .


But i also like winter , because winter is coming , spring will not far , like our spring

festival , it is a big festival for all Chinese People .most of Chinese go back home , stop

working and have a gethering with family member .


You can see your parents ,see friends who you haven’t seen for a long time , it is a

good feeling to meet the familar people we know each other before.


I have some hearvests for a whole year’s work , accumulated some experience , my

smile , my cry ,my tears , and so on .


2015year , i will not forget the days i had walked .


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